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Heal Your Trauma Through Accessing Flow

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Heal your Trauma through Accessing Flow- State

If you have been following my offerings for some time or know me at all, you would know that I have an extensive background in the field of trauma integration. Both in hands on modalities as well as psycho-spiritual orientations. This field of research is growing steadily these days with deeper and broader understandings of the impact of trauma on development, identity formation, relational capacity as well as what we call, ‘culture’. Our current expression of ‘culture’ is largely a reflection of our individual ability to bring forth our inspired purpose into the world and positivity impact our cultural context. And yet many of us are actually traumatized and stunted by our culture! So how do we step out of this double bind?

It’s a simple equation: individual healing = context for cultural healing = individual healing = healed culture. Healed individuals bring their empowered purpose – their vitality – to bear upon the challenges we are all facing globally.

I am thrilled to discover as I dive deeper into the Neurobiology of Flow State that it in and of itself is a form of trauma healing that could be a huge key to a more golden future.

Did you know that the current research on the Neurobiology of Flow, is showing that there is a fine line between the reactions in the brain in a traumatic event and the window of opportunity to go into Flow state instead of a trauma response, which could later produce PTSD?

One can literally participate in this choice point. It’s not random.

Getting into a flow state instead of trauma response is associated with a pro-active willingness to approach the challenge — to face into it, rather than run or freeze.

According to the research, the fight response is localized in the thalamus, where as ‘freeze’ and ‘flee’ are in the amygdala. It’s the difference between,

“I got this”- verses, “I’m going to be annihilated!”

Instead of feeling like a victim, and freezing or collapsing as we commonly do inside of a traumatic event, we discover the space inside where we feel empowered— also called the ‘fight’ response. Which is the flip side of collapsing or freezing. We don’t have to take this literally; as if we have to fight, rather it’s the energy of facing into the challenge and growing the confidence over time that you can overcome your challenges rather than being beaten down by them.

Flow State is not just about peak performance and productivity; it’s truly a profound space to become free from what binds us. We discover inside of Flow how to transform our challenging growth edges and dis-empowered default pathways into resilience and confidence.

We know that Flow helps heal brain wave states associated with depression and anxiety and supports psychological and mental well-being over-all.

I find this to be very inspiring and encouraging news! I can testify from my own life experience as well; so much of my own trauma has been integrated through accessing creativity and igniting new pathways of resilience in the ongoing challenges that I face.

I can also testify that as I support my clients and students to shift from identification with those old trauma loops and nervous system dis-regulation patterns that stem from self-deprecating stories and instead access their innate core intelligence, healing is a given. When we bring attention consistently to the central core channel which gives rise to creative flow state – they too are discovering a profound access to their creative power which is then readily recognized as their true identity.

What I see over and over again on the daily is the when we align with the truth of who we are inside of our present moment experience— anything is possible. What seemed impossible a moment ago when viewed through the filter of ones distortions, suddenly becomes a well-spring of potential.

It is my passion to support and assist those who are ripe and ready to step into their true self empowered potential and to begin to lead their lives from here. For what the world needs is human beings who have come alive with their creative passion and empowered purpose. I call this Flow- Based Leadership.

Fill out my Discovery Session Form if you would like to explore this for yourself.

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