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One : One Immersions

In-Person Private 1:1 Transformational Intimacy Healing Immersions & Retreats

Immerse Yourself in the Safety of the Present.
Discover Forgiveness & Freedom from your Past.
Reclaim the Power to Align with Who You Truly are. Create your most Authentic Future.

By Application only

The immense challenges that we are facing in our global environment from post pandemic PTSD, climate change, health challenges and financial instability are amplifying any unresolved trauma in our individual systems.

Have you been experiencing:

  • Sluggish brain fog, disassociation?
  • Feeling numb, unfulfilled or unmotivated?
  • Alternating between anxiety and depression?
  • Flow-state or creative inspiration feels impossible to find?
  • Lost, disconnected & isolated?
  • Addicted to substances or habits that you know are harmful to you?
  • Struggling with chronic triggers in relationship to others?

These are just a few symptoms that if they are not addressed adequately, will just get worse!

I am not here to sell you a magic pill or shortcut, but to offer you a space for real transformation on a core level. Once we have established enough rapport and a sense of safety through at least two private sessions, we can explore the possibility of a 1-7 day in-person immersion. These immersive retreats are highly curated to suit your unique needs, intentions, and desires. They can take place on the beautiful island of Maui, where I live, or I can meet you anywhere else in the world.


Potential Areas of Focus


Address harmful and mis-attuned parenting from one or both parents, which can impact your development, attachment style, sense of self, and intimacy with others. In 1:1 immersions, we work on transforming anxious, avoidant, and disorganized attachment styles by addressing family and parent bond dynamics within a safe and corrective present-time environment.


Metabolize and integrate residual effects of significant traumas experienced by your parents, grandparents, or ancestors, which may influence your sense of safety and subconscious filters of reality. Specific plant medicines and processes can be utilized for this purpose.


Unlearn harmful habits resulting from mistreatment or ne- glect, even if not consciously remembered, and rewrite neu- ro-pathways to foster self-love and positive behaviors.


Explore prenatal development influences and family system stresses during early life that may contribute to chronic physical issues or nervous system dis-regulation. Together, we'll work towards cellular renewal and regeneration by addressing your detox pathways.


Reconnect with your innate bodily intelligence, fostering a healthy relationship with your internal communication system and sexual-emotional response. This process helps overcome challenges in forming fulfilling intimate relationships and addresses issues like co-dependency and addictive behaviors.


Address existential trauma, allowing you to thrive and find fulfillment in life. Overcome feelings of numbness or perpetual dissatisfaction by understanding and healing the conditions created by ancestral and early history. Sometimes life begins in such a level of challenge or overwhelm that a core part of us gets imprinted with the strong desire to not be here. Thoughts of suicide or actual attempts do not appear in a vacuum (ancestral and early history create the conditions for this).

What to Expect

Highly attuned, compassionate one-on-one attention. I am ready and available to meet you as you are. As you receive this quality of contact from me, you will re-discover how to provide this for yourself. You will receive and develop new embodiment skills to navigate all areas of your life, resulting in consistently more satisfying intimacy and stability from within. 

Each session is uniquely guided by your inner intelligence and what is present for you at the time of our meeting. For me it is less about having an agenda or what modalities we are using and more about listening to you and your body, being present andallowing a space of true support. I believe that the body/mind knows how to self correct and evolve itself and that primarily all that is needed is an environment of unconditional love and true support.

Our work together may include

  • Hands on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Core Embodiment Practices
  • NARM (working with your Attachment style & unmet needs)
  • Part’s work ( Internal Family Systems)
  • Continuum Modalities
  • Energy Medicine
  • Highly Attuned Breath-work & Bodywork
  • Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Counseling
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Nature Immersions
  • Plant Medicines
  • Ceremony/Ritual
  • Preliminary & follow up Zoom sessions

Testimonials Specific
to Immersions & Retreats

"Ajaya is a true guide and mentor, helping her clients back into their true nature and into harmony with the physical world, including the body. My work with her reached into and healed places in consciousness and body that I was not able to access through any other means. The invitation Ajaya extends is from a platform of love, acceptance, integrity, and wisdom. She empowers her clients to become their true selves and step into the potential for their own life to become alive, nourishing, and joyful. I am forever grateful that Ajaya has been a teacher and wayfarer support to me."

Anonymous SF Bay Area Client

"I have worked with Ajaya Sommers for over 15 years. I had the very good fortune of meeting her at a very critical time in my life.She provided me guidance, shamanic & energetic healing that was miraculous. She is very intuitive and has access to many healing modalities.She provided me a 3 day private retreat in Maui recently. She was able to completely assist me in adjusting my energy matrix and to jettison destructive dark energies. She is skillful, intuitive, present, integrous and very compassionate. I highly recommend her and I'm planning to utilize her amazing skills later this year with another personal plant based realignment in Maui.”

G. Simon

“You could not do better than to choose Ajaya for healing work if you have mother wound (esp early mother trauma). During a deep medicine immersion with Ajaya, she opened my mind and heart to the fact that my trauma was sourced from difficulties in my earliest days with my mentally ill mother. Ajaya holds the sweetest unconditionally loving presence to support whatever needs to move in the healing work. Her expertise in bodywork, movement therapy and early attachment disruptions and so much, provided excellent resources to support my healing work.”

L. Johanson