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Frequently asked questions

We always encourage people to start their healing in their WORST circumstances. The reason, is if you wait to start on good circumstances and timing, it means you require those circumstances to remain good. But they inevitably won't because we live in the real world. It's best to start practicing your healing in the midst of hard times so you can learn how to stay with yourself when challenging times inevitability arise again.


We have found that investing in yourself and prioritizing your own healing helps to hold you accountable to the process, and take ownership of your healing reclamation. Plus, with most 'free' support out there, there is no consistent container to hold you over the time you need for genuine transformation. It is also not appropriate to expect a family member or friend to always be there for you. Friends and family are also not always able to hold you in a neutral context.  Those relationships in a healthy scenario go both ways. When you hire a therapist or coach such as Ajaya, she is completely here to support you, as you need, in what you want for yourself, without an agenda or personal bias involved.

To be honest, you may not always 'like' it. Part of healing your inner wounding is about being challenged and discovering how to open your heart to places you have previously felt hurt and not had the resources to stay present in your body long enough for the pain to transmute into fresh life force.