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Ellen Woods MA in Human Development, Childbirth Educator, RN specializing in Hospice Care

It's hard for me to adequately convey the radical enrichment, contentment, quiet joy, and ease that has gradually settled over me since I first encountered you last July. Life, of course, is far from perfect but, for the first time in my life, effort and self-judgment are no longer the base notes of my journey.

Self-love and care, good humored self-acceptance, deep gratitude, and freedom from useless worry have come home to live with me. I live in a precious Mothering Field for the first time in my life. All of that feels like a miracle.

I continue to feel blessed beyond all saying by your nourishing presence in my life, and by the warmth and diversity and authenticity of the presence of other members in the Core Alliance. So I’m all in. I can’t wait to see what you give birth to up ahead."

Essentially I have come to recognize that there is one thing — one common denominator that drives human behavior.

We are literally wired for it on a biological level.

We crave it on heart level. 

It’s the unconscious driver behind our addictions as a thwarted attempt to get it, when we don’t feel it. 

 It’s the substance of what gives our lives meaning, when we do.

In fact — it’s what makes the world go round. CONNECTION is the one thing we cannot live without.

First and foremost— connection to ourselves— to the sovereign center of our own love.

Authentic and fulfilling connection with others.

Connection to a tangible underlying presence of Love that unfolds our lives — 

that’s larger than the story line of our thoughts, emotions, sensations or perceptions.

Connection is the basis for all creative endeavors.

It is our birthright to feel connected. Period.

It’s the zero point. The alpha and the omega. 

And yet— we can also unconsciously fear and avoid the very thing we want the most.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to drop the armor — the protective strategies that keep you from simply allowing all that you are and moving towards what you most desire for yourself.

The thing is, genuine connection can only come about through being present. Present with yourself, your actual experience. With another and with the Love that is the very ground of being.

Presence inherently asks us to be intimate. Intimacy is often conflated with sex and romance— but the intimacy I am pointing to is more essential.

It is the space where genuine transformation and

integration takes place.

This is where I come in. And the work that you and I can do together. This is an entirely different context — in that I am not a romantic partner,  family member or friend who comes with my own bias — I am a neutral presence, solely here to support you in relaxing into and reclaiming yourself. If you are someone who has tried all kinds of techniques, therapies, plant medicines, shamanic modalities, workshops, etc— and yet, you still struggle with accessing an underlying experience of self-love, nervous system regulation and inner stability — Transformational intimacy is often the missing ingredient.

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Kailey Nykai MA, CAGS, LMHC, LCDP

After one session with Ajaya, I knew that I had found someone who could guide me into my deepest longing to come home to myself. With incredible tenderness and wisdom, Ajaya creates a space to rediscover and remember the simple and potent beauty of living from the heart, and experiencing the embodied fullness of being. I come away from every session with such immense gratitude for her depth of knowledge and ability to foster such intimacy and truth. As a therapist, I treasure how presence has the capacity to transform, and being in Ajaya’s presence is transformative. She is not only changing my life, but she is also empowering me to a greater vessel of healing for others.

I feel so honored to have such an incredible healer, teacher, and companion in my life.


I’ve done a lot of work on myself and all my issues over the years and I’ve become very choosy about who I surrender myself to for healing assistance.

I began a series of sessions with Ajaya at a particular point in life where I had begun to recognize there was a part of me that wanted to die, a part that felt it had struggled enough and had had enough of this existence. Deep work was called for and I didn’t feel I could do it alone. For me, it was a dark and difficult place. Whatever I had going on, it was well within Ajaya’s capability to help me through. She provided a safe, loving, unconditional space of kindness that almost shocked me: it was it was so beyond what I had expected. Her “toolbox” of skills and talents was more than enough to exceed my needs.

Ajaya saw me through to a renewed state of openness and enthusiasm for what I’d love to create in life, and I know I’ll be back for more with her in due course. Ajaya is someone special: clearly a gifted teacher and remarkable healer. She guides people home to their truer selves.

Her loving space is an amazing gift to all, who so choose. I recommend her work to anyone who would love to go deeper into themselves and clear out whatever holds them back from a fully loving life filled with gratitude, ease and grace.

Avon Mattison

Ajaya Sommers is a person of rare purity, in terms of her intention, her path of service and her response to all whom she meets upon her path. Her purity arises from the potency of love as the alchemical focus of her life.

About Ajaya

Founder of Core Embodiment
Core Embodiment Coach/Flow-State Guide/Creative Catalyst

Ajaya Sommers, RCST is a gifted teacher, author, public speaker and creative catalyst in the field of trauma informed psycho-spiritual somatic integration. For the last 27 years, she has been instrumental in facilitating conscious evolution in thousands of people’s lives. She designs and facilitates training programs for professionals, leads retreats, and offers both live and on-line group platforms for organizations that are ecologically regenerative, socially just and spiritually connected. All of her programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.

Ajaya is the founder of a unique somatic discovery process called, Core Embodiment® — an integrated system of embodiment practices, principles and perceptual orientations to awaken and align with the power of your human potential.

She is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher, a NARM practitioner (Neuro-affective-relational model) as well as an Authorized Continuum Teacher. She is also greatly informed by the work of Adam Gainsburg and the practices of the Open Heart Community.

She has presented at venues such as The SAND Conference, The Eselan Institute, IONS, The Purpose Summit, The Association for Transpersonal Psychology Conference and taught in the US and Europe since 2012. She was also a core founder for Avalon Springs, A Sustainable, Educational Healing Hot Springs Retreat center in Northern Ca.

Lion Goodman PCC, Creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training

Ajaya is one of those rare healers who can see directly into your core, understand your needs (deeper than you know yourself), and offer sacred healing to your most hidden, needy places in the deep psyche. She is filled with kindness and light, so healing comes as naturally as if you were bathed in love by the Goddess herself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be touched and guided by this divine healer — no matter what ails you.

Miranda Macpherson Author of “Boundless Love” and founder of the “Awakening Love & Wisdom” sangha

Ajaya Sommers has a rare gift of guiding people deeply into embodied presence like no one else. With a refreshingly natural, unpretentious style, Ajaya integrates the best of the lineage of Continuum movement arts together with Biodynamic Craniosacral, powered by the authenticity of her own awakening process over 3 decades. In a group setting, Ajaya is a natural teacher, enjoyable and articulate.In private session she is just dripping with healing, nurturing presence.

I recommend Ajaya to anyone seeking to break free of body armor and come fully to life.

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