Private sessions

What is the nature of our work together?

Through highly-attuned, compassionate one-on-one attention, I will meet you where you are, and as the safety and trust between us grows you will re-discover how to provide this for yourself. You will also receive and develop new embodiment skills, crucial for navigating all areas of your life, resulting in a more consistent and satisfying self intimacy and inner stability.

Each session will be uniquely guided by your inner intelligence and what is present for you at the time of our meeting. Though there are many modalities I could employ, I choose to enter our space without agenda, listening devotedly to you instead —your body, mind and heart. Simply being present and allowing a space of true support to organically emerge. My experience has taught me that the deep self knows how to self-correct and evolve — and that all that is truly needed is an environment of unconditional love, true contact and essential space.

People who are interested in working with me are exploring inside of their own growth edges at the intersection of intimacy, purpose, relationship, business as an embodied Dharma life. You are interested in learning inside of paradox - freedom and limitation, the sacred and the profane, doing and being with greater ease and integration of all that encompasses being human.

I only take on a small amount of 1:1 coaching clients per year

As to offer maximum attention in a highly individually curated environment. 

So if you are interested in 1:1 Transformational Intimacy Coaching

Our work together may include:

  • Hands on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Core Embodiment® Practices
  • NARM (Neuroaffective relational model- healing developmental trauma)
  • Continuum Movement Somatic Modalities
  • Energy Medicine
  • Highly Attuned Breath-work & Bodywork
  • Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Counseling
  • Embodied Dharma Lifestyle Coaching
  • Nature Immersions
  • Ceremony/Ritual
  • Zoom sessions are also available
  • Some capacities you will develop through our work together:
  • Greater range of sustaining your core capacities and resources
  • Self-regulation: becoming responsible for creating safety in your body
  • Co-regulation: Staying connected to self while in relationship with another
  • Clarity on your early attachments and resulting identity distortions
  • Greater confidence, sovereignty, and inner authority
  •  Sustainable energy practices
  • Integration and flow of kundalini / life force energy
  • Diet and exercise / healthy lifestyle choices that are aligned with who you are
  • Developing and sustaining healthy relationships
  • Trusting in yourself, Life, the Divine
  • Transmuting your victimhood into creator-ship
  • Greater capacity to open to more joy, aliveness and connection
  • Empowerment to bring forth your gifts into the world
  • Some possible outcomes you may experience:
  • Resolution of attachment issues / birth trauma / developmental trauma
  • Navigation of life transitions with grace
  • Integrated sexuality and intimacy
  • Awareness of life purpose and soul-centered service
  • Integration and recovery from PTSD
  • Resolution of addictive behaviors
  • Freedom to create the life you would love to live
  • List Element

For more a more in-depth exploration of healing trauma and the role of a facilitator go here

Private Retreats and Committed Containers

For those of you who are ripe and ready to dive in deep— we can tailor a private retreat or committed container for you. We’ll ascertain together what your unique goals and interests of development are, and what would be the best means of support for you in an ongoing way.

These can take place in retreat destinations like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Europe, California or in your home in person or over zoom.

My immersions are customized and tailored for each individual using carefully chosen combinations of various energy-medicine modalities, bodywork, coaching and dietary support, as well as being immersed in the natural wild beauty and serenity of nature. We may spend time hiking, doing ritual at the ocean or a mini-vision quest.

If you feel called in your heart to explore my invitation, and you sense that you are ready for some true company and support in the adventure of re-embodying your totality, please take a few minutes to give me some more information about you. I will get back to you soon to schedule a free discovery session.

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