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Top 11 Leadership Hacks for Living your Life to the Fullest, With the Most Vitality, Inspiration & Impact!
 Research shows that 'flow state' contributes positively to overall life satisfaction and happiness. Prevailer's already know that creativity and contentment go hand in hand, and getting into the flow – no matter what your activity – helps foster both personal and professional success.

So, when you embody these fundamental flow based leadership skills, your not only set up to rock your business, but your LIFE by being a living inspiration and embodiment of your core values. Who doesn't want that?
Check the boxes with the Flow Based Leadership practices you are engaging daily. See below for next steps.

1.) What I value the most is living my life at the pace of my own PRESENCE, for it is the true gold of every moment. Therefor I schedule myself wisely, only choosing what I can stay present for each day. (Rather than choosing so much that I am living in chronic overwhelm and I'm not even here for my life!)
 2.) I have reclaimed an empowered relationship of being a CREATOR, rather than a victim of any circumstance of my life, therefor I choose to be 100% ALL IN each day, whatever it is that I am choosing to create.
 3.) I have a ‘go to’ somatic practice that I engage to consistently drop below the noise of my busy mind, to regulate my nervous system and to access a deeper INTIMACY with my SOUL, allowing this inner alignment to guide my day in every way.
 4.) When emotions like anger, fear, grief, or anything else I tend to avoid feeling come up; I create the space to drop in, GET HONEST and create the space for the feelings to be met and honored, allowing the medicine of my feelings to tap me back into my inspired flow.
 5.) I have an awesome capacity to honor my BOUNDARIES, by recognizing my needs & desires in any given moment. I speak my truth to create the space that I need to stay aligned with who I am and to manifest my vision for my life each and every day.
6.) I am committed to staying RESOURCED, so I create my daily schedule in a way that honors my own sense of balance with conscious choice in area's such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mind-set, so that I may live from a place of resilience and resource.
7.) When I feel internal pressure and I start to get hooked into my old nervous system grooves of ‘hustle’ or overwhelm based in the scarcity of not enough time, not enough money, not enough, (fill in the blank). I RECOGNIZE it’s time to stop, slow down, take some deep breaths and re-set my nervous system to the tune of my already abundant soul.
8.) When I struggle with feelings of lack of motivation or inspiration, procrastination, or brain fog, and overall exhaustion - I do not beat myself up and hustle to try harder, I know it’s time to back off and treat myself to some real downtime to regenerate. (ex. get a massage, go spend time in nature, rest, be with loved ones, etc.)
 9.) I have created a secure attachment relationship with myself, so when I feel scared, lonely or insecure, I know how to hold and honor myself back to feeling safe, secure, GROUNDED IN LOVE and connected to Source.
10.) I am DISCIPLINED with my relationship with media. I always have my alerts off and especially when I am in focused work flow mode. I put away all distractions and do not multi-task, so that I can fully honor my commitment at hand. I consciously choose when to turn on my phone or email to check messages.
11.) I am grounded in my VISION and MISSION for my life and organize my priorities around what I most desire for myself, for my loved ones and for my service to this planet. I am committed to living out loud my most authentic calling, as this is what most fulfills and allows me to be ALL of who I am.
Are you resonating with what I am laying down? Yet, you can't quite honestly check all of those boxes? You know you could use some support to make more aligned choices and truly master these flow based fundamentals?
Then I know that you would benefit greatly by taking these next steps:
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Join my private Core Embodiment FB Community to get support in these key areas:

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