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Top 11 Flow-Based Leadership Hacks for Living your Life to the Fullest, With the Most Vitality, Prosperity & Impact!

Why Do You Need To Understand & Embrace The State Of Flow?
This, distills down to three simple questions:

  1. Do you want to let go of overwhelm, anxiety & disconnection?
  2. Do you want to be happy & fulfilled?
  3. Do you want to be successful?

If you happened to answer a resounding ‘yes’ to all three, the world of flow awaits you with its infinite freedom and fulfillment.

Flow state is a powerful and desirable state of mind, body and heart that enables increased creativity, productivity, and motivation while decreasing stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. It is a neuro-chemical brain wave state that connects you to your true self, allowing you to tap into your creative genius without the interference of your inner critic. By embodying fundamental flow-based leadership skills, you can achieve success in business and create more prosperity, purpose, and pleasure in your life.
Let's see how much you are already engaging Flow-Based Leadership Hacks. If you are, then you know that taping into   Flow-State does not have to be a 'random' occurrence. The more you engage these 11 Hacks, the more you experience 'Flow' as the baseline quality of your Life. Check the boxes below you are already engaging. See below for next steps.
1.) I am a Time Jedi: My highest value is living life at my own pace and being present in every moment. To achieve this, I schedule wisely and only commit to what I can be fully present for each day. This prevents chronic overwhelm and ensures I'm fully engaged in my life.
 2.) I am a Change Agent: I have agency over my life and I choose to approach each day with 100% commitment towards creating what I desire, instead of being a passive victim to circumstances. I eliminate friction in all of my relationships.
3.) I am Embodied: I have a reliable somatic practice that I consistently engage to quiet my mind, regulate my nervous system, and connect with my soul's intimate wisdom, which guides my choices every day.
 4.) I trust my Emotional Intelligence: When I experience emotions that I usually try to avoid, such as anger, fear, or grief, I intentionally create space to be present with them, confront them honestly, and honor them. This allows me to benefit from the healing power of my emotions and get back into a state of inspired flow.
 5.) I am a Boundary Boss: I am skilled at honoring my boundaries by staying attuned to my needs and desires in each moment. I confidently speak my truth to ensure that I am aligned with my authentic self and can bring my life vision into reality in every way.
6.) I fill up my Well & Live from my Resources: To ensure I have the resources I need, I prioritize balance in my daily schedule by making conscious choices related to sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindset. This allows me to live from a place of resilience and abundance.
7.) I honor my need for Space & Nervous System Regulation: When I sense internal pressure and feel myself falling into old patterns of "hustle" and overwhelm due to scarcity mindset, such as not enough time or money, I take a step back. I pause, breathe deeply, and reset my nervous system with a reminder of my inherent abundance as well as the knowing that I am fully supported when I am authentic and not overriding my human experience.
8.) I avoid Burnout by honoring Self-Care: When I feel demotivated, procrastinating, or mentally drained, I prioritize self-care instead of pushing myself harder. I take time off to recharge and rejuvenate, which may include activities like getting a massage, spending time in nature, or resting with loved ones.
 9.) I Honer & Love Myself: I've developed a secure attachment with myself, allowing me to respond to feelings of fear, loneliness, and insecurity by holding and honoring myself until I feel safe, secure, grounded in love, and connected to my source, (instead of running or numbing.)
10.) I am Disciplined in my Relationship with Media: I turn off my alerts, avoid multitasking, and eliminate distractions to focus on my work. I consciously choose when to check my phone or email so that I can fully commit to the task at hand, when I want to access creative Flow State.
11.) I Live in Integrity: I prioritize my life according to my personal and professional vision and mission. I am committed to fulfilling my most authentic calling, which brings me the most fulfillment and allows me to be my true self. I organize my priorities based on what I desire for myself, my loved ones, and my service to the planet. I keep my word to myself.
Are you resonating with what I am laying down? Yet, you can't quite honestly check all of those boxes? You know you could use some support to make more aligned choices and truly master these flow-based fundamentals?
Then I know that you would benefit greatly by taking these next steps:
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Join my private Core Embodiment FB Community to get support in these key areas:

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Here is a photo of you riding the big waves of your beautiful life in a perpetual state of exhilarating & inspired flow!
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