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In these times of profound acceleration, environmental instability and uncertainty, we must take our health and our clarity into our own hands.

The ancient mystery school yoga’s of Egypt, Greece, India, and Tibet knew about working with the core energy centers as the way to advance and evolve consciousness. Now we have the modern day neuroscience to measure the impact of these subtle yoga’s on healing and restoring ones vitality, regulating ones emotions and creating regenerative environments for optimum growth.

Continuum is a modern day mystery school. This practice is a self-healing, oxytocin replenishing, cell renewing, self-empowering ever fresh and inspired embodiment practice that utilizes breath, sound, subtle intrinsic movement and provocative inquiry to open and connect with the place where personal identity can become “fluid” again. 

Essential Elements of Continuum Movement


Breath:  All movement originates from breath. Fixations, compensatory patterns, family history, trauma, and emotional stress are maintained in the movement or inhibition of breath. In Continuum practice, we are able to stimulate a wide spectrum of internal sensations, responses and movements through different breathing explorations, this provides a climate for healing, growth, and multi-mobility creating much more dexterity of breath. 

Sound:  Sound is audible breath, penetrating the density of locked tissue. It eases mobility while releasing areas of stagnation and stress. In a Continuum practice, specific sound frequencies engage various systems of the body. By coupling sound with movement, we increase the agility of both. 

Movement: Continuum’s movements are designed specifically to enhance the undulating spirals and circularity of the fluid system. A full range of non-patterned movement, from dynamic full-bodied expression to subtle micro-movements, stimulates neurological growth and vibrancy. Undulating wave motion permeates tissue, softens boundaries and amplifies sensation. 

Sensation and Pleasure: in Continuum we use sensation as a guide for awakening the body’s mysteries and the activating principle of the life force that feeds and nurtures the entire system. Sensations of pleasure create an inviting climate for self-renewal.  

Continuum Benefits:

•Increases vitality, health and healing

•Develops core strength and flexible power

•Releases, relaxes and realigns

•Awakens creativity, innovation and play

•Deepens Spiritual connection

•Provides a spacious sense of well-being

•Revitalizes bones, joints and skeletal health

•Heightens sensuality and receptivity

•Facilitates trust in ones inherent body wisdom

•Provides a safe environment for growth and renewal

 I provide 1 day immersions regularly as well as longer retreats and private sessions. This body of work is also greatly integrated into all of my offerings. Please go to the Home page for an updated schedule on upcoming offerings.

“Continuum is at the same time a philosophical, scientific, artistic, musical, poetic, and spiritual concept, a cosmology, and an advanced state of consciousness. When applied to our affairs, Continuum leads us naturally to a saner and happier world. 

In other words, Continuum as an experience is a direct involvement in the harmony and congruence of our inner and outer realities. It enables us to live the real lives of our bodies.”

-Jim OschmanEnergy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance

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